Honor Society induction is Jan. 11
The Prairie High School National Honor Society Chapter will be holding their induction ceremony for its new members, January 11, 2009 in the Prairie High School Library at 6:00 p.m.  
The students who are accepted into Honor Society must show exceptional skills in scholarship, service, character, and leadership.  Throughout the year, the members participate in numerous service projects.  Currently, they are re-matting the class pictures located in the second floor hallway of the high school.  The members of the National Honor Society include Emily Lerandeau, Kyle Daley, Kyler Shumway, Laura Gehring, and Kristi Poxleitner.  
The new members to be inducted Wednesday night are Leora Laurino, Carly Behler, Rachel Kaschmitter, Kyle Holthaus, David Sigler, Kelsey Marker, Natosha Schaeffer, Brock Heath, and Mary Shears.  Immediately following the ceremony, desert and punch will be served.  Parents and members of the community are more than welcome to attend.

Photos from the women's alumni game
Michelle (Becker) Schaeffer shoots over Alyssa Frei in the women's alumni game. With only 6 women available, some of the men were recruited to fill out the teams. At left is Jared Nau while at right is Zack Frei.
Tina (Mader) Ulmer tries to block Michelle Schaeffer from behind. Others shown from left are Tina's son (no name available), Alyssa Frei, Jared Nau and Brandy (Forsmann) McElroy.

JV games start at 6 p.m., varsity to follow unless indicated. 
*indicates league game
18-Kamiah, here, won 48-47
22-Notus, there, won 43-29
25-Genesee, there, lost 40-48
  2-Troy, here, won 39-27
  4-Lapwai, there, lost 35-59
  9-Genesee, here*, lost 25-41
11-Culdesac, there, won 50-13
12-Kendrick, here*, won45-38
16-C.V., here*, lost 32-48
19-Council, here, 6:30 p.m., postponed to Dec. 31
22-Lewis County, here, won 42-31
29-at Greenleaf, won 54-48
31-at Council, didn't play??
  6-Troy, there*, won 39-37, details next week
  9-Deary, here*
12-Grangeville, there
15-Lapwai, here*
20-Timberline, here*
22-Grangeville, there
23-Lewis County at Highland*
26-Kamiah, there
Jan. 31, Feb. 6,10,12-District at LCSC
Feb. 14-State Play-in game TBA
Feb. 19-21-State at Boise
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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