Hospitals recruiting volunteers
Both St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics are recruiting volunteers to serve in and work with the facilities providing help where needed.  Donna Quick, SMHC/CVHC Volunteer Coordinator, is working to initiate new programs and expand those that already exist.  She was originally hired at SMH in June, 2005 as the Long Term Care Activities Director.Donna Quick, SMHC volunteer coordinator, is recruiting additional volunteers for St. Mary’s Hospital.  If interested please call her, 962-3251 ext. 280.
“I am excited about recruiting and working with new volunteers, as well as working with all the people who’ve been volunteering their time and talent over the years,” said Quick.  “I hope to match the volunteer’s skills with our needs in the best way possible.”
According to Quick, all new volunteers will receive confidentiality training and a background check.  There are currently openings for volunteers to read to interested patients, visit with them and distribute audio-visual materials and books.  Volunteers are also needed to perform office chores and do clerical work.  
 “For volunteers who would like a specific day and time to perform their duties we can certainly work with them to schedule a time convenient for them,” said Quick.  “Volunteers are an important part of the health care team when they donate their time, enthusiasm and skills to patients, nursing staff and administrative services.”
According to the Idaho Hospital Association, there are 3,388 adult and junior volunteers who have volunteered a total of 395,314 volunteer hours within the state’s hospitals and health care facilities.  IHA reports that over $1.4 million dollars have been raised by volunteers.  They also saved hospitals a total of $7.7 million dollars last year.
Anyone interested in finding out more about the SMHC or CVHC volunteer program can call Donna Quick, 208-962-3251 ext 2280.

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