3 shoot perfect 25's
So we are started off with a BANG! as the scores pleasingly increase from week to week.  We had clear skies but brisk weather today as we head through week two of the Cottonwood 10 Week Shoot.  There were tons of broken clay pigeons as the shooters were on their mark this past Sunday. 
Some of the shooters who stood out this week were...Gordon Harman, Andy Goeckner, John Kaschmitter, all with perfect 25's.   Andy Uhlorn, Scott Jungert, and Butch Spencer with 24's.  
The gun club shot a 73.5 for score with all these shooters chipping in, literally.  
For the High School shooters...Brian Gilmore, Frank Spencer and Derek Schaeffer with 23's, Mitch Jungert, Samantha Spencer, Robert Gilmore and Kyle Bruegeman with 21's. Their score was a 69. 
Lady Shooters also were on with Jean Poxleitner with a 22, Judy Uhlorn and Samantha Spencer with 21's.  
We hope the scores keep increasing and the shooters keep turning out...  Good job everyone!

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