Team scores 72.6 this week
Boy was it a dandy day for shooting this week....The wind was blowing from the North and and the wind was sharp like a knife.  The snowflakes didn't make it any easier...  We salvaged the day by having some decent scores anyway.  
For the High School shooters we had Brandon Poxleitner with a 24, Mitch Jungert 23 and Derek Schaeffer 24 for a score of 71. 
For the Lady's, we had Roz Long 18 and Samantha Spencer 17.  Junior shooters were Frank Spencer 19 and Matt Jungert 19.  
Long Handicap was Lowell Mader with a 19.  Short Handicap shooters were Nate Gentry and Darrel Uhlorn both with 21's.  
Gun Club total score was 72.6 with Lowell Mader 25, Derek Schaeffer, Brandon Poxleitner, Jesse Bruegeman and Clint Riener all with 24's.  Total turnout was 42 shooters which made for a good crowd. 
We appreciate all the will-power it took to go out and buck the chilly, wet weather.  Thanks to all shooters.
The Gun Club is having a Super Bowl Party on Sunday with a Pot Luck style dinner---Please bring a dish and a smile... Stay for the fun and games after the scores are posted.

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