Prairie Middle School Hosts Invitational Wrestling Tournament
Saturday January 24, 2009, Prairie Middle School played host to an invitational wrestling tournament.   Teams in attendance:  Jenifer Junior High and Sacajawea Junior High our to Lewiston, Grangeville, Kamiah, Orofino and Prairie Middle School, Cottonwood.  The tournament started at 10:00 and ended around 3:30 p.m.  Trophies were given to the 1st and 2nd place teams.  All wrestlers scoring 1st , 2nd, or 3rd in their weight class received a medal.
Jenifer Junior High was the overall winner with 90 points, next Grangeville with 74 points, Sacajawea with 56 points, Prairie Middle School 46 points, Kamiah 32 and Orofino 14.
Individual winners by weight class:
Weight Class 80 pounds:  1st Place Riley West, Kamiah; 2nd place Troy Snyder, Jenifer ;  Justin Ross, Prairie 3rd place
Weight Class 85 pounds:  1st place John Kenyon, Jenifer; Hunter McWilliams, Prairie 2nd place; Tyler Ross, Prairie 3rd place
Weight class 90 pounds:  1st place Andrew Carl, Kamiah; 2nd place Andrew Light, Sacajawea; 3rd place Ben Cornell, Sacajawea
Weight class 95 pounds:  1st place Adam Hug, Sacajawea; 2nd place Alex Duman, Prairie, 3rd place Tanner Schwartz, Orofino
Weight class 100 pounds:  1st Jake Larsen, Jenifer; 2nd place Wayne Walters, Jenifer; Jesse Gengler, Kamiah 3rd place
Weight class 105 pounds:  1st Drew Randall, Sacajawea; 2nd place Justin Rogers, Sacajawea; 3rd place Dylan Sharrard, Jenifer
Weight class 105 pounds:  Justin Rogers, Sacajawea; 2nd place Drew Randall, Sacajawea; 3rd place Dylan Sharrard, Jenifer
Weight class 110 pounds:  1st place Ray Craig, Grangeville, 2nd place Tyller Gillmore, Grangeville;  3rd place Shawn Blegen, Jenifer
Weight class 115 pounds:  1st place Quinton Grimmage, Jenifer; 2nd place Russell Raschka, Jenifer; 3rd place Philip Madden, Grangeville
Weight class 120 pounds:  1st place Nick Smith, Grangeville, 2nd place Thomas Polis, Jenifer, 3rd place Philip Walters, Grangeville
Weight class 130 pounds:  1st place Brandon Reynolds, Jenifer; 2nd place Damian McWilliams, Prairie; 3rd place Colton Pilant, Grangeville
Weight class 135 pounds:  1st place Garrett Schmidt, Prairie; 2nd place EJ Vanidour, Jenifer; 3rd place Cody Vrieling, Grangeville
Weight class 145 pounds:  1st place John pope, Jenifer; 2nd Steve McCoy, Grangeville, 3rd place Josh Grossman, Sacajawea
Weight class 150 pounds:  1st place Tom Roll, Grangeville, 2nd place Dagen Reel, Sacajawea, 3rd place Brendan Pearson, Sacajawea
Weight class 175 pounds:  1st place Justin Deford, Grangeville, 2nd place Cody Kane, Sacajawea, 3rd place Spencer Crane, Kamiah
Weight class 190 pounds:  1st place DJ Mauer, Jenifer; 2nd place Trever Hopkins, Orofino; 3rd place Austin Kasper, Sacajawea

29-at Kamiah, 6 p.m.
30 & 31-New Plymouth Tournament
  3-at Potlatch, 6 p.m. Originally scheduled for Dec. 18.
10-at Orofino, 6 p.m.
20 &21-Districts, at Grangeville
26-28-State at Pocatello

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