Hall renovation plans being finalized
Itís getting closer and closer to really happening and now we will need your help.  The Cottonwood Community hall is being remodeled.  See the photo below showing some of the ideas for the changes. We will also have a town meeting to give people a chance to ask questions and give suggestions at 7:00 pm February 18th in the community hall. If you canít make it to that meeting and want to be heard call Carol at City hall or Shelli Schumacher 962-3138.
We will be remodeling the kitchen with new and additional cabinets, a new sink, new flooring and a dishwasher for the silverware and carafes. We will have two ADA handicap bathrooms rather than one handicap bathroom and a menís room around the corner and down the hall. We will be putting in energy efficient windows in the main part of the hall and one or two in the kitchen as well.  And one of the biggest changes will be the new basement entrance.  We have not made a final decision as to what will happen here for sure, one idea is to put in a ramp the other is to put in new stairs and an elevator. No matter which one is chosen we will have better access to both the library and the basement meeting rooms with energy efficient windows for light. 
The changes to this building will be financed with a grant from HUD and community support.  We have talked with a few different organizations and businesses in our area and we will be mailing letters asking for your support in the next couple weeks.  Lets make the Cottonwood Community hall as nice as the Ferdinand and Greencreek halls.

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