The 8 steps to T.E.A.M. 
(Together, Everyone and Anyone Matters)
Collaboration, cooperation and connectivity are the soul of building community in schools.   Children and educators thrive when all are working together for the greater good of the whole community.  Dr. Michael Pritchard
Michael Pritchard will be speaking to 5-12th grade students on Tuesday, March 3rd at 1:15 p.m. in the Prairie High School Gymnasium.  The community is welcome to attend this event to Learn through Laughter on how to build healthy communities.  He will also speak to the community at 7:00 p.m. at the Prairie Middle School.  
Dr. Michael Pritchard’s new 12 part series “LifeSteps” recently seen on PBS deals with social and emotional learning and is accompanied by guidebooks for teachers, counselors and community advocates. His “SOS: Saving Our Schools” aired on CNN. “PeaceTalks” deals with violence prevention and was the topic of Mr. Pritchard’s Today Show interview.
Michael will incorporate humor and humanitarian observations in addressing such issues as frustration, anger, active listening, conflict resolution, fighting indifference and apathy, bouncing back from burnout and reclaiming your dedication.

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