Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor
All wealth begins with the Earth. Someone has to dig, grow, mine, harvest, mill, forge, or in some other way make use of natural resources to start the economic process. Passing money around from one pocket to another does not create wealth, it merely redistributes it. This is the trillion dollar lesson we are now getting as the rich get richer, the poorer get poorer, and the US middle class gets eliminated. REAL jobs and REAL recovery will come only when we are again allowed to use our resources.
Lucky Brandt

The Bush-Cheney crew, that includes Congressmen Simpson, Crapo and Craig are now belly aching about Obamas rescue operation.  These are the same Congressmen that took a huge Clinton budget surplus and turned it into a ten trillion dollar deficit.  Iím eighty years old, was raised in Idaho and donít go for the snow jobs by congressmen.  These congressmen were in charge of steering our ship when it hit the iceberg.  Now they donít have time to read the rescue instructions from Obama while our ship is sinking.  My advice to you Congressmen is:  If you donít have time to help, ďget the hell out of the way.Ē  As for congressman Simpson, he has every reason to be embarrassed for creating a deficit that will ruin the future lives of our children for years to come.  We are real lucky that the votes of these incompetent congressmen didnít matter anyway.
Robert G. Schultze
Riggins, ID

To the Editor,
The concern that I had was a confusion of data. (Gary refers to a quote from last week's school board story) Our studentís percentage was read as a bench mark of 40.74% which shows that is 12% below fall scores. This is an accurate figure, but the decrease in scores was a result of the other two categories of strategic (above) and intensive (advanced) increasing drastically to show the difference. As the chart show we are well ahead of state standards in our IRI scores and we are of course extremely proud of our results and the efforts of our students and staff.
If parents would like more information concerning the other classes, please call my office for results. 962-3971
Gary Blaz
Cottonwood Supt.

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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