Ministry Fair planned
The first-ever Tri-Parish Ministry Fair is just around the corner and will not be complete without the presence of you and your family.  All ages will find something inviting and entertaining.  Your children will be excited to see the activities set up just for them—stories, crafts, snacks, and new-found friends.  Adults and youth can enjoy a German sausage as they stroll amongst their parish family learning about the ministries that are the foundation of our Tri-Parish. 
 The Ministry Fair is set for Sunday, March 15th from 11 am to 2 pm at the Greencreek Hall.  What an opportunity for everyone within the church—from those who are not able to attend Mass regularly to those who rarely miss daily Mass—to explore all the different avenues through which our church family ministers to the community.  You may be surprised at how each need is met and how many hands share in that responsibility.  For example, have you ever noticed that the burnt out lightbulbs in the churches are changed almost immediately?  There’s a committee for that, and what a necessary ministry!
 The public is invited to celebrate those already involved in the ministries of the Tri-Parish.  If you fall into this category, come and celebrate yourself!  If you don’t, but you do appreciate those who are active, then you, too, have a reason to celebrate.  
 Since the fair’s theme is “Everyone Has a Gift,” this event may be the perfect opportunity to discover which gifts you might like to share.  If you do find a ministry to participate in, feel free to sign up, but do so knowing that you won’t be tied to it forever.  If you don’t find a good match, that’s fine, too—just come and spend some time in support of those who do so much to help our Tri-Parish run smoothly.
 Any questions about this event should be directed to Pat Schmidt, Director of Religious Education, 962-3214 (daytime). 

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