Work on TV signals
The Cottonwood Butte TV translator conversion is going through an adjustment phase where digital signals are sent from TV stations and then converted to analog and sent to home viewers.   Spokane stations channels 2, 4, 6 are sending weak signals.  Channel 4 seems to have the strongest signal at this point.  According to a volunteer engineer who is taking care of the conversion and maintenance,  there is a need for a 'greater gain antenna' and an amplifier.  He is waiting for the equipment and hopefully will be able to correct the viewer concerns the week of Mar 9-13.  According to Bob McCall, chairman of Central Idaho TV Inc., 'This digital signal is hard to work with'.  County Commissioner Jim Rehder commended Bob McCall and the board for their work and added, 'We are still working through this issue and hope county residents will be patient'.

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