3 shoot perfect 25's
First there was snow, then wind and what do you know???  Sunny blue skies.  Granted it was clear and sunny, but the brisk chill still left a few birds unbroken.  Week 9 brought out 46 shooters joining scores for a club score of 73.8.  A tie for a perfect 25 were Andy Uhlorn, Mike Long and Pepper Harman.  Right behind with a 24 for score were Butch Spencer, Dale Hemerick, Derek Schaeffer, Andy Harman and Darrel Uhlorn.  Junior shooters were Derek Schaeffer 24, Bryan Gilmore 22, Kyle Breugeman, Brandon Poxleitner and Jake Rowland with 21's.  A correction to last weeks scores were Jake Rowland 21 and Kyle Breugeman 19 in the Junior shooter division.  These two scores were missed via posting to the local papers.  One more week to conclude this years 10 week shoot.  To all who are interested, Cottonwood Gun Club is holding a Meat Shoot on Saturday the 14th of this month (this coming Saturday).  An open kitchen with all the fixin's will be available along with good people and familiar faces.  Come join the fun!

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