Missoula Children's Theatre wrap-up
The 2009 Missoula Children's Theatre now has past with the production of Pinocchio on Friday, March 6. 
Two shows were played out at the Prairie High School, with an approximate 55 kids turning out. 
The Prairie Booster would like to thank the staff of Prairie schools and bus drivers for allowing the children that wanted to see the play to be let out of school and bused to the High School. Also, thanks to: St. Gertrude's Monastery for housing the 
actors, Center of Discovery for printing the programs, Ryan Hasselstrom for his class people for doing the video of the play, the Cottonwood Lions Club for the help with the deposit premium.  If there are others that have helped, 
please know the Booster Club extends thanks.  Lastly, a BIG, BIG, thanks to Jeff and Kim Ratcliff AND family for their time and efforts during the production week, and arranging all the time away from their home.  
The Missoula Children's Theatre will be here again next year for the 2nd week of March.
Soldiers, Babydolls and Ballerinas from “Pinocchio.” Soldiers are John Bradley, Alex McElroy, Dalton Ross and Derek Shears. Babydolls are Kodie Tidwell, Julia Wemhoff, Raven Yorke and Sapphire Yorke. Ballerinas are Ciara Chaffee (not shown), Halle Klapprich, Olivia Klapprich and Sarah Bahlman.
The Pleasure Island Kids from “Pinocchio” are Kory Bahlman, Hunter Chaffee, Bailie Gehring, Bobby Kinch, Maria Munger, Ellea Poxleitner, Dally Ratcliff, Caitlin Renne’, Courtney Renne’, Alexis Shears, Jared Sonnen, Peter Spencer, Sean Spencer, Laina Sonnen, Paul Sonnen, Isaiah Williams and Brylee Wood.
Candlewick and Candlewick’s Crew from “Pinocchio” are Whitney Sonnen, Drew Cochran, Martina Everson, Anthony Karel and Darrell Stinson.
Puppets from “Pinocchio” are Beth Dinning, Laurel Henry and Halley Enneking.
Shown are the main characters from Pinocchio. In front is “Blue Fairy” Candice Williams. Sitting are “Jiminy Cricket” Andreya Nelson and “Pinocchio” Rachel Spencer. Standing from left are “Fox” Kayla Johnson, “Stromboli” Sheldon Klinkefus and “Cat” Chelsea Geis. 

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