Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

One of the first laws signed, KILL MORE BABIES !! They want you to believe in this .
Another one to believe in, GIVE TERRORIST EQUAL RIGHTS, stopped all trials of terrorist.
Appoint People to high positions who donít pay their taxes . This is some change alright.
Itís Change, BUT, Iím not sure itís for the best !
GAY MARRIAGE, Read Romans 1:21 To 2:11, GOD doesnít think this is change you can believe in.
Hang on to your guns, They will do their best to take them before four years are up.
DOW down 5,000 points, more change to believe in! Sorry if they wiped out your retirement account, but thatís change!
The only change you can believe in, is to give your life to Jesus Christ, go to church, Learn all you can before itís to late. We are in the last days, Jesus said learn the parable of the fig tree. MT:24:32
Lee Huntley
Remember, GOD created you, GOD owns you, and your soul will return to HIM for judgment.

To the Editor,
I always knew that Rush Limbaugh was nothing but a loud-mouthed talk-show creep and troublemaker; but when he hoped that the Presidents stimulus package would be a failure, it was just like burning the American flag.  This disgusting traitor to America needs a great big dose of attitude adjustment like they passed out free here in the 1930ís.  With his attitude, he is no better than a Communist and should be banned from talk-shows anywhere in the U.S.  I sure donít want my children being brainwashed by the likes of him.  Since he is promoting bad luck for America; I am wishing him good luck in running into a good old fashioned attitude adjuster.  The side effects might be bad, but it sure would make my day.  (An 80 year old vet and Legion member.)
Robert G. Schultze
Riggins, ID

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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