K.C.'s to celebrate centennial
The Cottonwood Knights of Columbus will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary beginning with Mass at 7:00 pm at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Saturday March 28th.  The Knights of Columbus Council 1389 was established on March 28th, 1909 with 31 members.
All tri-parish members and their families are invited and the 4th degree Knights will be in attendance in full dress regalia.  Coffee, juice and cake will be served after Mass in the back of church to commemorate this Anniversary.
(Excerpted from the Camas Prairie Chronicle April 2, 1909)
Over Thirty Members From the Lewiston Counil Came to Cottonwood to Help Institute an Order Here.
The fraternal goat has participated in many a hard battle in Cottonwood in years gone by but it is doubtful if his goatship was ever given a more strenuous half dozen hours than were dealt out to him last Sunday afternoon and evening.  
The occasion was the installation of a branch council of the Knights of Columbus lodge at this place.  Thirty members of the Lewiston council, assisted by several members from other councils, arrived here Saturday evening from Lewiston for the purpose aforesaid.  The visiting Knights and the local candidates met at the Odd Fellow hall Sunday morning and marched in a body to the Catholic church where they attended high mass and listened to a thrilling sermon preached by Rev. Father Post, of Lewiston, who accompanied the members from that city to the Camas Prairie metropolis.  
At one o’clock the initiation ceremonies were begun at the hall and continued until nearly eight o’clock, a class of nearly thirty members being treated to practically everything in the goat’s repertoire for the occasion.  
After the lodge adjourned those present repaired to the Matthiesen store building where a sumptuous banquet had been spread by the lady friends of the local lodge members.  To say that the banquet was thoroughly enjoyed is putting it mildly.  After all had eaten their fill of good things, cigars were passed around and speeches in felicitation of the occasion were made by Fathers Berthold, Post and Boniface, district deputy McDonald and other members of the visiting lodge and the local council.
The lodge instituted starts off with a nice membership and promises to make great strides in the next few years.
Following are the names of the visiting Knights and the members of the local order:
Cottonwood                             Lewiston
J.F. Jenny                                 F.J. Costello
F.A. Kelsey                              Eugene Gasser
F. J. Walser                              Louis Heitfeld
B. Tacke                                  H.C. Weisgerber
Theo. Toennis                           R. Speck
M.F. Fuchs                               S.F. Heitfeld
John Meyer                              W.J. Hester
Mat Seubert                             Marsh Wright
John Seubert                            Edd. Feehan
August Seubert                         L.H. King
Anton Tacke                            Frank Cole
Anton Baune                            Frank Mudrick
Martin Wirrer                           Bernard Jacobs
A.T. Hughes                             Paul Laufer
A. McDonald                           L.M. Conry
Jos. McDonald                         V. Oeller
J. Knop                                    R.C. Hyke
J. Schoeberl                              J. M. Bonner
Chas. Betz                                J. P. McCann
B. Toennis                                W. Kittsmiller 
T. P. Autrey                             Chester Philipi
H. P. Nuxoll                             James O'Keefe
L. C. Funke                             C. C. McDonald
Fred Mertes                             W. H. Libert
J. B. Krieger                            W. A. Libert
Jos. Bies                                  J. P. Murphy
F. S. Wimer                             Rev. Fr. Post
Anton Fischer                           L. Le Quime
A. Unteriener
Rev. Fr. Berthold
J. B. Hoffman, Milwaukee
A.G. Bagley, Vancouver, B.C.
Robert Lee, Spokane
H. Dobner, Grangeville
J. D. Shinnick, Wisconsin

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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