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To the editor

Are any Men Living Anymore?
Elections I think are strikingly becoming a means to decide which political party will distribute the auction of stolen goods from the citizens, most recently in the name of “change”, or “our children”….and we buy into it.  Maybe it’s because so many of us are crybabies and mooches.  Too many civic leaders are wasteful pits for our earned money.  Few of these “leaders” anymore actually produce goods or services that earn money for public good, but they sure love spending it.  It’s odd because all elected officials are dependant on the fruit of men and women that work to produce goods (or services).  If I hear of another “bail-out” I will spew vomit.  The “economy crisis" is simply too many of us not saving, spending money that we should not have borrowed or did not actually have/earn, or that we overspeculated .….at some point the “Piper has to be paid”.  Why the surprise? In real life if we play with the bull we get the horns, eat too much for dinner tonight we weigh more tomorrow, stick our hands on the hot plate we get a blister.  What’s that….? But no one can get hurt?…. I forgot….Waa, Waa.  In real life I’m beaten black and blue by my mistakes.  And, I still prefer a chance to fail than to have current so called “civic leaders’ beat their chest and strut that they’ll “wipe my nose (bail me out)”, especially with money that they didn’t earn.  What an insult.  What’s worse the cowards, use “help the children ads” to get elected, and then take money via taxes from the future earnings of children that didn’t even vote.  I’ll wipe my own nose thank you, even if it’s bloody, and take care of my person.  I’ve got two arms and hands.  But the real question is: Are any Men Living anymore?
Scott Perrin, Cottonwood

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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