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To the Editor,
Right on Scott. I feel the same as you. I`m currently living in Las Vegas and will be retiring in your city in a few short years. I can`t believe how many hands are held out to ask for anything they didn`t work for. Homeless on every corner (or are they ?) with signs asking for help always ending in a God bless you. If these people read the bible at all they would know that they will be cared for if they worked hard and asked for nothing from others. I`ve had mothers with little children in tow asking for a few dollars to feed their family or gas in their car. One has to wonder if it`s for that or to buy a drug that they depend on. I see minorities of every color wanting public aid instead of finding any work to keep some respect for themselves and sense of satisfaction. Like you, I have worked hard for everything I have ever received. I live below my means so the state of affairs we have today doesn`t really pertain to me. I do not buy unless I can pay in cash. I have money set aside for the rainy day. I`m quite content because I don`t owe anybody anything. Our country is finally realizing that you can`t get something for nothing. It`s time we get back to the basics of life. I look forward to your comments in the future. 
Terry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, NV. 
(Editor’s note: the above letter is a response to Scott Perrin’s letter in the April 9 Chronicle: Are any Men living anymore?.)

I Hope the Governor Says No.
Many years ago a small community in the Midwest suffered a wind storm that damaged buildings and several stock pens.  Almost all the animals were recovered except for a handful of pigs that escaped into the brush of nearby hills.  Several attempts failed in securing all the pigs.  Time past, and the pigs became harder to catch.  One day a man arrived in town and purchased corn, 30 fence posts and lumber. “I’m going to catch some wild hogs” he announced.  “Good luck, we can’t catch them” the townspeople replied.  Several weeks past and the man returned asking for the butcher.  “I’ve got corn fed hogs on the hill”, he said.  Astonished the butcher asked, “How did you catch them?  Many here have tried and have returned empty handed.  “Easy…I found signs of the pigs and put corn on the ground.  I week later a few pigs started nibbling at the corn.  By two weeks many pigs began eating the corn.  The third week I placed corn on the ground and installed one fence post.  The pigs at first hesitated, but by and by they began to eat freely again.  Every week past and I installed another fence post.  Yesterday I installed the last post and set out the corn.  This morning the pigs were so noisy fighting amongst themselves for the corn, they didn’t even hear me shut the gate.
Are we dependent pigs?  Blaming, whining, and complaining, and not recognizing the gate is being shut.  I think so.  We’re becoming dependent corn fed hogs who are trading our freedom for “a free lunch”, or a “free breakfast”.  We like hearing the words “Here piggy, piggy. Here piggy, piggy”.  This is unhealthy to personal freedom and liberty, and it’s wrong.  It’s wrong because we’re turning our back on the God (yes, God) that gave us life.  
I hope the Governor and others say no to “stimulus” package.  The money has a taste of being stolen from one group of people to buy future votes, or to pay off others.  And now the “new” money (“stimulus”) has a horrid taste of counterfeit.  Money is being printed in the U.S. treasury’s basement that has no backing.  
True freedom begins with self-sufficiency.  What happened to “By the sweat of thy brow thou shalt work all the days of your life”, and “Thou Shalt Not Steal”….maybe we need to re-aquaint ourselves with Biblical teachings, the same that was carried with most families that moved West, and the same that was instrumental in creating the moral documents of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.
Scott Perrin, Cottonwood

To the Editor
Using “ Smoke and Mirrors” the Bush gang turned a 236 billion budget surplus into the largest deficit in history.  His huge tax cuts for the wealthy and oil companies were financed with money stolen from the middle class, poor and senior citizens, by charging it to the present U.S. deficit which is now over 10 trillion dollars.  As a going away present, he grabbed another 700 billion to pass out to his greedy friends on Wall Street.  Our Social Security System would also have been destroyed by Bush if we did not have friends like Nancy Pelosi in Congress. The G.O.P. will do anything to destroy Social Security and will use the Bush deficit to justify it.  The Bush gang is presently doing its best to turn President Obamas  stimulus package into a failure.  It was a pleasure on: Larry Kings show when Donald Trump said that Obama is doing a good job considering the mess that Bush left him with.  That made my day.
Robert G. Schultze
Riggins, ID

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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