Chinese Remembering 2009: The Chinese in Idaho History
Chinese Remembering 2009 highlights the influence and contributions of the Chinese to Idaho and Northwest history. The second of three annual events, the 2009 conference will bring together scholars, teachers, and the public to understand and to discuss the history of this little known ethnic group. The goals of the conference are to further educate, to continue to bring cultures together, and to specifically explore and generate interest in the history and culture of the Chinese in the region. 
The conference is co-sponsored by the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude and Lewis Clark State College with additional support from the Idaho State Historical Society, the Idaho Humanities Council and several local entities. 
Chinese Remembering 2009 will consist of six lectures and discussions on Thursday, June 18, in the Orchid Room of Morgan’s Alley, a newly remodeled conference area in historic downtown Lewiston, Idaho. The presenters include:
Allen Pinkham – “The Nez Perce Trail Systems: Road to the Mines”.  Pinkham is a Nez Perce historian. He is currently collaborating with a retired LCSC history professor on a book pertaining to area history. 
Carole Simon-Smolinski – “A Lot More Went In Than Came Out: Mining in Hells Canyon”.  Simon-Smolinski is a retired professor at LCSC and a scholar of Pacific Northwest history. She is the author of the recently published history of Hells Canyon entitled Hells Canyon & the Middle Snake River: A Story of the Land and Its People.
Dr. Priscilla Wegars – Wegars is a recognized authority of the history of the Chinese in the West. She is the author of Chinese at the Confluence: Lewiston’s Beuk Aie Temple and has edited and contributed to several scholarly publications.
Garry Bush – “A Visual History of the Lewiston Clarkston Valley”. Bush is a retired educator. He is director of Idaho Historical Tours, conducts historical research, is a historical re-enactor, and is a member of the Lewiston City Council.
Terry Abraham – “Not ‘Ancestor Worship’: Chinese Funerary Customs in the West”.
Abraham is retired Head of Special Collections & Archives at the University of Idaho library. He had done historical research on a variety of topic areas including the Chinese in the West.
R. Gregory Nokes – “A Most Daring Outrage: Murders at Chinese Massacre Cove, 1887”. Nokes is former associate editor of The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon. He has conducted extensive historical research. Oregon State University will be publishing his book on the massacre in the fall of 2009.
On Friday, June 19, participants may take part in an all-day historically interpreted jet boat trip into Hells Canyon to sites thought to be once occupied by Chinese miners. One college credit from Lewis Clark State College will be optional. 
A registration fee of $15 on Thursday will cover a luncheon catered by Mandarin Pine Restaurant in Lewiston. A $100 registration fee will be charged for the daylong jet boat trip that is limited to 100 people.
For additional information and registration please contact the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude, 465 Keuterville Road, Cottonwood, Idaho 83522 or call (208) 962-2050 or by e-mail at

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