Summit names Virtue winners
Recent winners in Summit Academy’s monthly virtue program were released this week, with emphasis put upon developing CONSTANCY, a character quality found necessary in successful people in all walks of life.  Various programs and resolutions were established at the varying grade levels, all designed to challenge students to make continued progress in this important area.
The saint chosen as the model for the month was Elizabeth Ann Seton, who combined a career as a mother and as a volunteer in the area of education and development of area children.
Winners for the month: Senior Dustin Lustig, Junior Tara Stubbers, Sophomore David Johnson, Frosh Rachel Uhlenkott.
Elementary winners were: Julia Osborne, Nicole Wemhoff, Kayla Schumacher, Jolene Chmelik, Chris Osborne, Claira Osborne, Lucy Osborne, Theresa Wemhoff and Nicolas Beckman.
The current virtue selected is JOY, with the saint to be imitated St. Catherine of Siennna, who among other things, was instrumental in the movement of the papacy back to Rome from its temporary stay in Avignon, France.

Summit Academy’s latest Virtue winners. Back from left are Rachel Uhlenkott, Tara Stubbers, Dustin Lustig, Julia Osborne and Kayla Schumacher. Front from left are Lucy Osborne, Christopher Osborne, Jolene Chmelik, Theresa Wemhoff and Nicole Wemhoff. Not pictured are Claira Osborne, Nicolas Beckman and David Johnson.

Hotshot winners named
After several months of preliminary shooting, finals in Summit’s second annual Hotshot contest were named this week.  Contestants were allowed to enter five official scores during the prelim period, then were given one to three chances during the finals to post their best score.
Winners this year, and recipients of the first place trophies were the following with their best winning score posted: High school boys: Dylan Prigge- 56, High school girls: Savannah Prigge-45.  7th/8th boys: Matthew Schwartz –48, 7th/8th girls: Brooke Schumacher 45.  5th/6th boys: Josh Lustig-50, 5th/6th girls: Kayla Schumacher-36.  3rd/4th boys: Tyson Schlader-44, 3rd/4th girls: Angie Wemhoff-24.
Runnersup in each class and recipients of a red ribbon were: Austin Chmelik-50, Savannah Kuther-43, Shane Stubbers-43, Nicole Wemhoff-38, Rhett Schlader-44, Megan Seubert-35, Patrick Chmelik-41, and Mary Schlader-23.
Third place finishers, and winners of white ribbons: Josh Frei-48, Jaime Chmelik-28, Dan Wemhoff-40, Tanna Schlader-32, Justin Schumacher-30, Joline Chmelik and Kaitlin Stubbers-both with 29, Luke Schwartz-24 and Lauren Stubbers-11.
Contestants were given two minutes to shoot a cycle of one 3-pointer, two 2-pointers from outside the paint, and three 1-pointers from around the basket.  For the 3rd and 4th grade contestants, the three pointer was shot from the free throw line.
School record holders over the two years of the contest: High school boys and girls: Dylan Prigge-56 and Savannah Prigge-48.  7th/8th boys and girls: Austin Chmelik-50 and Brooke Schumacher 51.  5th/6th boys and girls: Josh Lustig-50 and Kayla Schumacher-40.  3rd/4th boys and girls: Tyson Schlader-44 and Angie Wemhoff-27.

Summit’s Hotshot winners. Back from left are Brooke Schumacher, Matthew Schwartz, Dylan Prigge and Savanah Prigge. Front from left are Angela Wemhoff, Tyson Schlader, Kayla Schumacher and Josh Lustig. 

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