Winchester celebrates centennial
The town of Winchester, Idaho, is 100 years old this year and will be having special events during Winchester Days on July 4.
In addition to the cowboy breakfast, parade, pork barbeque, rodeo, and ice cream booth, there will be a dedication ceremony of the museum’s pavilion, which will be used to house logging and farming exhibits.
As much of the present Winchester was built by the Craig Mountain Lumber Company in 2009 and the first log went through the mill on July 4, 1910, mill workers will be honored at the dedication ceremony.
The Museum of Winchester History is trying to locate men and women who worked at the mill.  Invitations have been sent to fifty people who have been identified as mill workers.  There must be many more that need to be acknowledged and invited to participate in the honoring ceremony.
The mill operated from 1910 to 1965.  It was first the Craig Mountain Lumber Company, then Hallack and Howard and finally Potlatch.
As a part of the ceremony, the book “Winchester Idaho: Payroll Town of Craig Mountain” will be available to buy.  The book is a compilation of newspaper articles about Winchester from 1898 to 2006.  The book includes some articles about the first two Winchesters.
The museum is asking anyone who worked at the mill and hasn’t received a letter to contact the Museum of Winchester History, Box 3, Winchester, ID 83444 or Janene Alley at 208-924-7920.
This celebration is made possible by a grant from the Idaho Humanities Council.

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