Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To the Editor,
Idaho’s state Senator Jeff Siddoway has certainly concocted a new way for him to reap more profits from his sheep ranching.  He introduced legislation that would direct the Idaho Fish & Game Dept. to kill or relocate any bighorn sheep that stray near domestic sheep allotments on federal, state or private land.  As usual, the Idaho Legislature rubber-stamped Siddoway’s bill. 
The rare bighorn sheep in Idaho draws hunters from every state and these hunters spend money in the small towns bordering bighorn habitat.  Of course Siddoway doesn’t care, since the money isn’t coming his way.
I suggest Mr. Siddoway amend his bill to make it illegal in Idaho to purchase any sheep products that do not originate with his sheep.  This would really increase his wealth.
Senator Siddoway never learned that people should be careful about what they wish for.  If Governor Otter signs this bill into law, the BLM and Forest Service will likely stop permitting sheep grazing allotments on public land.
Please Governor Otter, veto this special interest bill.
Dick Artley

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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