Postage rates go up on May 11
On Monday, May 11, 2009, new U.S. and International postage prices will go into effect.  The cost to mail a U.S. First Class one-ounce letter will increase two cents, from 42 to 44 cents.  The cost to mail a postcard will increase from 27 to 28 cents.  Starting May 11, the cost to mail a letter to Canada will be 75 cents, a letter to Mexico will be 79 cents, and it will cost 98 cents to mail a letter to all other countries.  See basic new prices below.
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For detailed information on the new U.S. and international postage rates and a listing of prices, go to  some postage prices will stay the same such as the First-Class Mail additional ounce price, which will remain at 17 cents and the cost of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp which will remain at 55 cents.  The prices for Priority Mail, Express Mail and package shipping will stay the same since these were adjusted in January.  
This new postage increase is badly needed to help cover higher U.S. Postal Service (USPS) operating expenses.  USPS receives no tax dollars for its operations and relies on its mail volume and the sale of postage, products and services to cover its costs.  With the poor economy and mail volume being down nationally by at least 12 percent, the Postal Service is facing a $6 billion budget deficit this year.  Americans still have one of the lowest postage rates in the world.  
Mailers can save on all future postage increases by purchasing Forever Stamps now.  The forever Stamp is always good for mailing a one-ounce letter at the price you pay for it.
Besides Post Offices, stamps are available at self-serve Automated Postal center units in Post Office lobbies, at retail outlets that sell stamps, at or by calling 1-800-STAMP-24.
Basic Prices & Services New Prices May 11
First-Class Letter (1oz.) 44 cents
Additional First-Class Mail ounce 17 cents
Postcard 28 cents
Large First-Class Envelope (1 oz.) 88 cents
Certified Mail $2.80
Money Orders (up to $500) $1.10
First-Class Mail International Letter (1 oz. To Canada) 75 cents
First-Class Mail International Letter (1 oz. To Mexico) 79 cents
First-Class Mail International Letter (1 oz to all other companies) 98 cents

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