Levy election is Tuesday
There will be an election next Tuesday, May 19 for a $150,000 override levy for School District #242.
Polls will be open from noon until 8 p.m. Polling places are the Greencreek Community Hall, Elementary School cafeteria, Keuterville Parish Hall and Ferdinand Parish Hall.
There was one Trustee position up for election, zone 5 which covers the Ferdinand area. Pat Alfrey was the only one who filed for the position and will be declared elected at next Monday’s school board meeting. She will replace Kellie Bruner on the school board in July.

Superintendents Levy information:
1. Some citizens are asking what this levy will cost me?
At this time the levy will cost $1.12 per $1000.00 of valuation. If a person owns a house of $100,000.00 on would see an increase of $112.00 per year. This year the factor was $1.64 and $1.73 at year. This factor is generated each year based on our district’s valuation and what we are asking. Thus, the number is lower than previous years.

2. Importance and philosophy of levy.
We are on a “grow down” process to where we become fiscally responsible to our enrollments. As our enrollment decreases we must also decrease staff and some luxuries that we’ve enjoyed. We have and will continue to strategically reduce our budget, but as we do we cannot afford to cut to swiftly or too drastically as to provide appropriate programs for our students. A planned, consistent “grow down” is best for students and the overall education community. I am optimistic that the state will again become financially healthy to where we may be able to grow back in an other direction.
On a personal note: I remember some time ago my father and I were in our garage overhauling the motor of our truck when Paul Harvey came on indicating that it now costs $200,000.00 to raise a child. I’m certain he was including college expenses. With that my father looked over at me and said, “ the only thing I owe you in the world is the very best possible education, cause with that you can come and go and become what ever you want. True to fact then and even more evident in today’s world.

3. Absentee ballots:
We have absentee ballots available at our Central Administration Office located on Lewiston Street next to the Elementary School. Please bring some identification.
Please call my office if you need more information: 962-3971 or 962-7110
Sincere thanks,
Gary Blaz, Cottonwood Superintendent 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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