PHS awards assembly held
Prairie High School held their awards assembly last Thursday, May 21 in the PHS gym.
Named as Students of the Year were Chelsea Geis and Rachel Kaschmitter.
Receiving Prairie Booster Club Awards for achieving a 3.5 or better grade point average for the year were Meaghan Bruner, Mckenzie Candalot, Torin Dalgliesh, Kyle Daly, J.C. Enriquez, Andrew Gabica, Laura Gehring, Seth Guyer, James hager, Brock Heath, Kyle Holthaus, Kayla Johnson, Michael Karel, Rachel Kaschmitter, Samantha Keating, Leora Laurino, Emily Lerandeau, Troy Lorentz, Monica Lustig, Kelsey Marker, Kristi Poxleitner, Samantha Poxleitner, Conner Rieman, Demetria Riener, Josh Roeper, Derek Schaeffer, MaKayla Schaeffer, NaTosha Schaeffer, Devin Schmidt, Justin Schmidt, Ashley Shumway, Kyler Shumway, David Sigler, Megan Sigler, Philipp Smakman, Amanda Stinson, D.J. Walker, Silas Whitley, Wyatt Williams and Joshwa Zigler.
Receiving American Citizenship Awards were Monica Lustig, Demetria Riener, Joshua Roeper, Justin Schmidt, Ashley Shumway, Megan Sigler, Kyle Uhlenkott, Joshwa Zigler, Dani Cochran, Kendra Dinning, Seth Guyer, Brock Heath, Kayla Johnson, Mitchel Jungert, Alena Hoene, Kyle Holthaus, Conner Rieman, NaTosha Schaeffer, Gina Seubert, Mary Shears, Kyler Shumway, David Sigler, Philipp Smakman, Laura Gehring, Rachel Kaschmitter, Kelsey Marker, Kristi Poxleitner and Kaylee Uhlenkott.
Receiving the prestigious “The Prize” which is voted on by the entire student body, was Rachel Kaschmitter.
Knowledge Bowl awards were given to Jason VonBargen, Kevin Karel, Mike Karel, Garrett Workman, Silas Whitley, Brock Heath, Josh Roeper and Caio Morais. VonBargen received the award for most points and Mike Karel was second.
Jonathan vanHouten received the John Philip Sousa award as outstanding band member. Mike Karel and Silas Whitley received Director’s awards. Top underclassman was Kylee Simmons and Dani Cochran was most improved.
Gina Seubert received the Director’s Award for Choir with Mary Shears named top underclassman and Thia vanHouten most improved.
King and Queen of Sports were Ron Chandler and Kaylee Uhlenkott.
Athletes of the Year were David Sigler and Kaylee Uhlenkott. Athletes of the year have to letter in 3 sports during the year and maintain an honors level grade point average.
Brock Heath received the overall Spanish award. Silas Whitley was named the top Spanish I student and Sheri Schumacher was named most improved Spanish student.
Technology Students of America (TSA) awards went to Kyle Holthaus, 3rd year; Eric Daly, Steven Baerlocher, Garrett Workman and Chance Ratcliff, 2nd year and Mitchel Jungert, 1st year.

David Sigler, left, and Kaylee Uhlenkott, center, were named Athletes of the Year at Prairie High School for this year while 
Uhlenkott and Ronnie Chandler, right, were named Queen and King of Sports.
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