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To the Editor:

Here We Go Again
After four years of relative quiet on the Idaho County political front, the voters and local news editors can expect a return to local drama. The Citizens for Good Government, which appears to be a renamed Watchmen-on-the-Wall, has a familiar new executive director,  Pat Holmberg. In this position, former County Commissioner Holmberg is now rallying folks in a renewed assault on the USFS over RS-2477  roads, perhaps trying to build a revived personal political constituency in  the process. The current Idaho County Commis-sioners have meanwhile accepted Patís offer to prepare letters on their behalf and informally represent them with the Nez Perce National Forest.
Letís run the county  sovereignty flag up the pole again, attack those nasty feds (while continuing to accept millions of federal dollars of course), and spend more county money litigating RS2477 road rights-of-way even if they run straight through private property.
Maybe weíll even get a chance to vote for Holmberg for County Commissioner again in 2010.
Linwood Laughy


Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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