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The Tea Party Patriot Movement
There has been considerable printed and internet comments along with TV discussion of the Tea Party Movement and hopefully the following article will provide some insight for those who are not yet acquainted with this movement.
First; who are they?  I believe 80 to 85% of them are God fearing conservative patriots who have been disenfranchised by the Republican party with the remainder being Democrats and Independents.  They all possess the spirit, heart, and soul of the Founding Patriots, with the same intense desire to live their lives under a constitutional government as originally framed and intended.  As a loose unstructured grass roots movement, they are able to unite nationally through the effective use of the internet.  There is no one person or local group that is considered the leadership, but there are National Tea Party Patriot web sites that act as coordinators.  The “coming together” of this movement nation wide is somewhat of a phenomena, is growing, and has significant potential to become a political force “to be reckoned with.”
Second; What have they done?  They just completed the assembly of the largest nation-wide grass roots protest rally in this nation’s history.  They did it all without the help of the Republican party or governmental agencies, and against the opposition of the current Democratic administration, current congressional leadership, and the main-stream news media.  The result  of this assembly incurred the contempt and mockery of the Democratic President, his staff, congressional leadership, and the propaganda arm of the Democrat party (known as the mainstream news media), but sent a shock wave through the Republican party.
Third; Where are they going?  The trend seems to be away from a one issue (Taxes and Spending) movement to a much broader issue of restoring the basic Constitutional government as intended by the original framers of the constitution.  There has been some minimal discussion about a third party, but has been pretty much rejected by the movement as not being viable.  It would seem as they grow in numbers, they will be asserting growing political influence and pressure on both major political parties, Congress, the Presidency, The Judicial System, and numerous government agencies.  Over all they are providing an opportunity for the average disenfranchised US citizen to finally be seen and heard as the liberal forces in this nation try to destroy the Constitution and push us into the world wide failure of Socialism.
This has been a somewhat brief summary of the Tea Party Patriot movement, but if you would care for additional information, you are welcome to contact Pete Ketcham at email: ketcham@mtida.net.
Pete Ketcham

To the editor
I found this article in an old paper and it made me think of the 65 years ago search for a cure for streptococcus infection like we are looking for a cure for the “Swine Flu.”  
“A 52 year nurse”
Sr. Mary Bernard
St. Gertrudes Monastery
Taken From the Lewiston Tribune, Sat. Jan. 1, 1944
Penicillin Drug Administered to Cottonwood Girl
Penicillin, “the wonder drug,” flown from Chicago, was being administered last night to Agnes Goeckner, Cottonwood, seriously ill with a streptococcus infection.
Her physician, Dr. W.F. Orr, who was able to get the scarce drug, which has performed some dramatic cures, said last night that the response after only 12 hours of treatment was “satisfactory.”  Improvement should be noted in another 24 hours, he said.
Dr. Orr was able to get the drug through Dr. Charles Keefer, Boston, chairman of the board of the pharmacological department, who released some to him.  It was flown by plane from Chicago to Spokane.
The Railway Express Agency had charge of expediting the shipment, and E.W. MacMorran, agent of the Lewiston express agency, received a wire Thursday from the Spokane office advising him of its scheduled arrival in Lewiston by stage Thursday night at 11:55.  Frank Goeckner, father of the 22-year-old girl, met the stage with MacMorran and immediately returned with it to Cottonwood.
Miss Goeckner has been ill 12 days.  After her failure to respond to treatment with sulfonamide drugs, the doctor began his search six days ago for the penicillin drug.
The drug, packed in a small one-and-a-half pound package, were sent from the Abbott laboratories in Chicago.

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