Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor:
Why Ever Do We Allow It?
Once again, Americans by the tens and hundreds of millions have joyously celebrated our national day of freedom and independence - #233, if you're counting. Perhaps no one has ever thrilled to the red, white and blue, and all that it stands for, more than I.  Each year, though, I am increasingly struck by how very much (wittingly or unwittingly) we must ignore, in order to continue celebrating as we do.  Aware of the controversy over the issues involved, I apologize deeply, even as I dare to mention as examples just two most glaring realities.
First: abortion.  Just since last year's July 4th celebration, this nation has "legally" sanctioned the brutal murders of another one million-plus unwanted babies in the womb.  Can we even conceive the massive number.....and can the all-holy Creator ever forgive us?!
A second reality, equally bloody, is U.S. instigated, U.S. sponsored war abroad - "to spread democracy and freedom around the world," they'll tell you.  Don't buy it!  Shameful, unConstitutional U.S. imperialism is what it is!  Show me any clause in the constitutional job description for U.S. President that authorizes him to meddle in and manage foreign governments.  And if you think "9-11" gives honest justification, I have at least a dozen video documentaries to the contrary that you can have - for free.  
No, it's way past time to THINK and take a stand, America!  Some friends and I are trying to.  For a start, we made and distributed hundreds of small "Protect and Celebrate Life" cards to parade-goers in Grangeville last Saturday, and by God's grace, we will continue.  Please become an active protector of Life, for without LIFE, what else can possibly matter?
Thank You.
Carol J. Asher

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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