Relay for Life event is July 17
Despite a very busy holiday weekend with a range of different activities, the Idaho Meth Presentation was well attended, with nearly 40 people present.
The Idaho Rural Health Association (IRHA), the Idaho Meth Project and Family Medicine Residency of Idaho co-hosted a Free Family Forum, for parents and teens last Thursday evening in an effort to inform locals about the dangers of methamphetamine use.Dr. Tema Jessup, from the Boise Family Practice Residency program, shares some interesting and upsetting statistics about Meth use in the state of Idaho.  Dr. Jessup recently completed her rural medical rotation at Syringa Hospital & Clinics and would be interested in returning someday to practice medicine here.
Dr. Dave Schmitz and Dr. Tema Jessup from the Boise Family Practice Residency presented valuable information about the effects of meth use and why the consequences of using meth are so big.  Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings, Lewis County Sheriff Brian Brokop, Hollys Nielson, FNP, and Tracy Baune, RN, offered statements regarding meth use in the area of their respective fields and answered questions posed by those attending.
A testimonial by Idaho Meth Project volunteer speaker, Savannah Bedoes, shared her experience with the drug and the effects it had on her life. “I was valedictorian of a large California high school, who used to make fun of the kids who did drugs,” she started. “Working at a local restaurant while going to college I started drinking with some friends and thought I could try meth ‘just once’.  I became addicted, and my life started spiraling out of control.  I dropped out of college, lost my job, my family, my friends and even my home.   I just wanted to die! – and I almost did, several times,” she continued. “Only by the grace of God I survived.”
The Idaho Meth Project is a non-profit organization that implements a range of advertising and community action programs to reduce methamphetamine use in the state. The local meth education program is designed to foster open dialogue between parents and children about the dangers and negative impact of meth abuse. For more information, visit

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