Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor:
I take issue with the present proposal to strip the U.S. Tax code of key provisions created to keep American companies competitive. Yes our nation’s tax code deserves thoughtful comprehensive  reform. 
Unfortunately the current proposal before Congress wrong-fully punishes international American companies which then trickles down to Idaho companies. This proposal only offers a piecemeal approach to reform that will hurt U.S. 
Businesses and their workers. Implementing massive tax increases and throwing international tax provisions by the wayside will only place America on the fast track to deeper economic decline.  
Surely Congress can agree we need policies that jump start our economy preserve jobs and create new growth opportunities. So why enact a policy that crushes internationally reaching Idaho and American companies under the weight of a $200 billion tax increase? From foreign tax credits to deferral to “check-the-box” U.S. Tax code provisions have been used strategically by American firms with overseas’ business to compete in a hotly contested global marketplace.  Taking these options away gives foreign companies a distinct advantage. If passed foreign competitors will excel while we backslide sacrificing jobs investment and our hope of a strong economic recovery. 
Idaho depends on natural our natural resources for our economy especially North Central Idaho. Our timber farming jobs and business rely on exporting these resources. The companies associated with the Port of Lewiston and the  Lewiston Port are very important to a stable economy.   If this tax proposal takes root our communities and countless others will feel the reckless instability of this change.
LeeAnn Callear 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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