Lockett receives award of appreciation
Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings presented an award of appreciation last Thursday, July 16 to Cassidy Lockett of Cottonwood for “making very good choices in an extreme situation.”Cassi Lockett receives here award from Sheriff Doug Giddings.
In attendance at the presentation, which took place in the basement of the Cottonwood Community Hall, were several friends and family of Lockett.
A couple weeks ago, just after NICI had a pair of offenders escape, Lockett saw them coming toward her house, which is near the prison on Cottonwood Butte and called the sheriff’s office.
Giddings said in listening to the tape of the conversation between Lockett and dispatcher Camden Willis, there was one calm voice, Willis, and one obviously frightened person, Lockett. That is until one of the escapees decided to enter Lockett’s home. At that point Giddings said you can here the change come over Lockett as she became a “mother bear protecting her cubs.”
Lockett, who is an excellent marksman, good enough to have been given the nickname “Annie Oakley” faced down the offender with a rifle and let him know in no uncertain terms he needed to get out of her house.
“She drew a line and fortunately for the offender, he didn’t cross it,” said Giddings.
Giddings said 97% of people faced with a similar situation, their first thought is to run and hide. He said Lockett is obviously part of the other 3% who step up and face the situation. He said he knows he wouldn’t want to break into her house.
Giddings presented plaques of appreciation to both Lockett and dispatcher Willis for their part in the situation.
Kevin Rehder, representing NICI warden Lynn Guyer, who was unable to attend, thanked and congratulated Lockett for helping to capture the offenders and said she is “an awesome model for all of us in the community.”
Cottonwood police chief Terry Cochran also congratulated Lockett and added that this was the best organized search group he had seen. He also made a plea for more public involvement in these situations as “it helps a lot.”

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