Little Sister Laura Lee (Seubert) visits Cottonwood
Greetings to Everyone in Cottonwood!
Little Sister Laura Lee (Seubert) of the Little Sisters of Jesus made a visit to Washington State and Idaho Little Sister Laura Lee (Seubert) of the Little Sisters of Jesus, visited Cottonwood recently and had her picture taken with Audrey Uhlenkott.during the last two weeks of July.  She is currently living in Gallitzin, Pennsylvania (a small, former mining town named after Prince Gallitzin, a Russian prince turned frontier priest whose ministry in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania is well-known and documented).  The Little Sisters have a small retreat house for the Little Sisters of the U.S. Region who need a break from their challenging insertions in inner-city Baltimore and Chicago, among the Moslem population in Paterson, N.J., and the circus ministry.  Visiting little sisters from other countries and friends from the area are also welcome.  LS Laura Lee lives with two little sisters.  She works in the dining services of St. Francis University in Loreto, Pennsylvania where she has many co-workers and contact with a large number of students who attend the College.
While in the Northwest, LS Laura Lee was able to contact various friends and relatives—particularly her brother Joe and family of Cottonwood and her sister Mary and her friends in Spokane.   Her stay included camping at O’Hare Campground, taking in the beauty of the Camas Prairie, Lewiston and the Palouse Country, and a visit to St. Gertrude’s Monastery.  
LS Laura Lee returned to Pennsylvania with a renewed and appreciative spirit, grateful for the Cottonwood community and her formative years on the Prairie.  Even though her home visits are rather infrequent, she does not forget her Cottonwood roots and remains grateful for the values she given her on the Prairie.
A word about the Community: Little Sister Magdeleine Hutin founded the Little Sisters of Jesus in 1939 (according to the inspiration of Blessed Charles de Foucauld, Christ’s witness in the Sahara Desert).  The Little Sisters believe a truly contemplative life can be lived in the midst of ordinary people around the world whose lives are often marked by division, racism, poverty and violence.  They choose to share in the day-to-day living conditions, work and dreams of their friends—as Jesus did at Nazareth.  The Little Sisters’ mission is one of presence, friendship and prayer, believing that this can be a sign of hope and healing in our broken world.   The website for the Little Sisters is:   

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