Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To the Editor
If you citizens of the United States think you did a good thing by electing Barack Obama as president then you must be proud of killing the unborn (Abortion)!!  Also another exasperating move from president Obama is when he saw to it that Sonia Sotormayer got selected as a Supreme Court Judge.  She also endorses the killing of the unborn (Abortion)!!  Abortion is only one of their many ungodly beliefs.  If you agree with President Obama be quiet.
If you do not agree with Obama on this issue or on any other of his plans for our country contact your Congressional Reps.  NOW!!
Senator Mike Crap, Phone D C 202-224-6142 or Idaho 208-743-0792
Senator James Risch Phone D C 202-224-2752 or Idaho 208-743-0792
Rep. Walt Minnick Phone D C  202-225-6611 or Idaho 208-743-1388
Shorty & Marge Arnzen

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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