Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To the Editor
This week’s escape from the North Idaho Correctional Institution (NICI) concerned many citizens near Cottonwood.  I understand the fear an escape generates. It is very taxing on the community, especially for those who live closest to the facility. Our primary concern in any incident is always that of community safety. For us, one escape is too many.
I want you to know what actions the Idaho Department of Correction is taking to prevent future escapes. The Department immediately launched a serious incident review to determine what went right and what went wrong the day Inmate Jones escaped. 
The report will include recommendations on what steps can be taken to prevent escapes from NICI in the future.  One question I specifically asked the team to review is if another fence or more security is needed. 
Another question the review will explore is why the automated telephone notification system (VINE) continued to call citizens again and again. The repeated phone calls served to heighten fears. We’re working to make certain that issue is fixed. We’ll share the information on both those questions and next actions with the community when the review is completed.
The Cottonwood facility continues to serve Idaho as a shining example of how people can change their lives with guidance and education. The majority of the men who go to NICI receive treatment, a GED and then are released back to the community on probation. 
NICI remains a proud part of the Cottonwood community.  Thank you for being our partner in protecting Idaho through safety, accountability, partnerships and opportunities for offender change.  
Brent D. Reinke, 
Idaho Department of Correction Director

To the editor
Sheriff’s Posse
The Idaho County Sheriff’s Posse provides valuable assistance in and around the Camas Prairie area. Not only do they serve as an adjunct to the Sheriff’s Office in each county but they present a positive face for law enforcement in the area. The men and women who are part of this group are to be congratulated for the commit of their valuable time and energy in service to the county. Their assistance and presence at numerous events in the area is to be appreciated.
On behalf of the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude, I would especially like to thank all of the members of the Idaho County Sheriff’s Posse for their valuable assistance during our 17th Annual Raspberry Festival. They provided safety and protection for our early morning runners and walkers who traveled between the monastery and Keuterville in the Fun Run & Walk. They also provided traffic monitoring and parking direction during the entire day of the festival. It is this kind of yeomen’s service that cannot be measured but helps to make our festival the success that it is and this a wonderful area in which to live. Thank you all.
Lyle Wirtanen, Director
Historical Museum at St. Gertrude

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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