Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

To the editor,
Prairie High School, at least in my mind. Has become way too restricted. I have spent little over a school year, at Prairie high. And have been getting increasingly aggravated at the "renovations" being done at the school. First drug testing, then cameras in the hall. Now somebody got the bright idea to keep us kids in the lunch room during break. Not even allowing us to roam the halls and go outside, freely as we once did. It may sound petty and insignificant to mature adults but when your in a school for seven hours a day some leeway is a valuable privilege. Look at it our way not yours. Anyways, let me get down to the meat and potatoes.
We (students at Prairie) want at least some freedoms. How about starting with allowing us to go out of the lunchroom during break? KINDERGARTENERS ARE ALLOWED WHY AREN’T WE!? Plus they have cameras why not put them to use and watch us in the hall? How about keeping those pop machines on all day instead of just at lunch? Maybe put the doors on the Mens bathroom? I don't like getting watched while doing business. Frankly it's so disgusting and repulsive that I never use the student bathrooms. I mean come on! Parents, for the sake of your children. Would you want them to have no privacy? It makes me sick to my stomach.
In closing I would like to address my friends and fellow classmates. This is a cry to arms for all of you! I hope you all read this and take into account what I have said. Ask yourselves this. Do you like the way PHS is managed? Together we can change things. Lets rise to the occasion and show the Teachers, Principal Shumway, Superintendent Blaz, and whoever else makes these decisions, what we’ve got. Thank you and god bless.
Loud and Proud
Alexandru "Tucker" Stefan

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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