Hall work should start by end of the month
Several zoning fees were increased at the October meeting of the Cottonwood City Council Tuesday, Oct. 13.
Fees for conditional use permits, variance requests and rezoning requests were raised to $250 each and the fee for vacating a street or alley was raised to $300. These new rates more accurately reflect the actual costs incurred to process these requests.
The council is also looking into all other fees the city charges to see if there’s any need to change those.
Nate Gentry was approved for appointment to the Planning and Zoning commission. They still need 3 more people to serve as the current commission members have already served longer than they are supposed to according to state statutes.
In reports Jay Hinterlong reported they pumped approximately 6 million gallons of water last month and sold over 5 million.  He also reported they installed a new hydrant next to the Baptist Church to cover a void there. They have also been working on replacing some of the laterals feeding off of the main line in Lewiston Street as preventative maintenance so that they hopefully won’t need to tear up the new paving project that will be done on Lewiston St. in the spring due to water problems.
Roy Uhlenkott reported they tested the sewer line from the lagoon to the lower part of the system and they are seeing some leakage. This may have led to the higher than normal phosphate tests in the creek. He said they’ll probably have to run a camera through the line to find the leak.
Jack Duman reported they replaced a culvert for storm drainage off the hill to Front Street. There are some other storm drainage issues that could use work as well.
He said the bidding for the Lewiston St. project is getting close and unless the bids come in much lower than expected that the money won’t go as far as they hoped. At this point it appears work would go only to about 500 feet north of Myrtle Street instead of all the way to where the water line ends as was hoped.
On a positive note he said the scoring rules on LTAC money has changed which gives the City and local highway districts a much greater chance of getting some of those $100,000 grants. If they could get some of that funding it would help to finish the Lewiston St. project.
The West Camas group is working up a new projects list in hopes of getting some of those grant funds.
Shelli Schumacher reported that on Oct. 14 the contractor and architect were to meet at the community hall to work on a timeline for the hall renovation project. She said they should be starting work by the end of the month.
Ron Grant reported they had no fire calls in the past month but assisted with the homecoming week bonfire. He also reported that at their annual meeting Rod Behler received his 30 year pin, Gary Riener his 25 year pin and Grant his 20 year pin  for service to the department. They also handed out a couple of 10 year pins.
There was some discussion of the library remodel which would extend into the current council chambers. Concern was expressed that the new wall be a frame wall rather than just bookshelves. Jack Duman was also concerned about losing the exit door. These are some things that can be discussed with the architect.
The council adjourned at 8:10 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday, November 9 at 7 p.m. 

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