Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Dear Editor,
Could we all get serious, please?
We can all be thankful that there is a great deal of talk among our people today about the sovereignty of the states as guaranteed under the 10th Amendment in our Bill of Rights.  With an ever-more-brazen federal government literally running away with the store, this popular stand has come none too soon.  Beware, however: There's a dangerous catch.  
It is double-minded for a state to claim sovereignty and independence yet petition for, and/or hold out its hand to receive, federal assistance in any form.  It is bad enough that a large percentage of Americans are now dependent upon a federally-funded retirement program called Social Security. But at least in this case, most participants first paid in, in order to now receive back.  Government entitlement programs, on the other hand - -  yes, including those ubiquitous "grants" - - are no such animal.  Rather, they are Marxist/Communist "redistribution of wealth" in action, pure and simple.  We of the states can't have it both ways, but instead must choose: Either we make our own way in Freedom, or we grovel as chattel at the public feeding trough.
Sometimes we hear it said (as I did recently at a meeting where county officials discussed federal funds available to subsidize a local improvement project): "Well, the money is there; if we don't take it, somebody else will."  I dare say that, in the honorable, independent-minded spirit of the Founders of this Republic, that's hardly the right consideration. Instead let us ask:  Is it Constitutional? Is it just, is it right?
Then decide!
Thank You.
Carol J. Asher

Letter to the Editor
I have decided to run against my old Buddy Butch for Governor. I feel that Butch has become disconnected and arrogant. I plan to visit all 44 counties before the election on May 25, 2010 and talk with as many folks in small towns as I can. To even the playing field, I will be using The Internet and other technology against Butch. This campaign will be done on a shoestring. I plan to spend only 100,000 Bucks American total for both the primary and the general election. My web page is:
Best wishes,
Pete Peterson
Boise, ID

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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