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Terry Cochran was named Father of the Year at the annual Prairie League Daddy Date Night recently. Following is the winning essay by his daughter Dani:
Risking his life day by day, Only to save yours in any wayTerry and Dani Cochran.
A loud siren and flashy lights, with only few enjoying HIS delights
He prevails through thin or thick, though sometimes seeming like a hick
With his goofy camo cat, and his poor old run down Nissan
He loves to get out of town, to take all that anger and beat it down
His two young kids love him very much, though sometimes there is no glow or lust
From the day he graduated he has served for us, Marines, Fire, Army, City, and Police
Try them all and loving some piece, Going everywhere with manís best friend
Or is it manís best friend going everywhere with him
No matter the issue he will always find a way, even if it takes him a week or even a day
Many donít get past his duty to serve and protect, And only see through to hate him with pain and neglect
When really when you know like few do, Heís a really great guy and would do most anything to help you
He was the baby of his family all names starting with Tís, from Tim, Terry, Teena, to Todd, and even Tonya.
He works his hardest every day, to earn that check and pay the bills
Though it still doesnít always seem like enough, It gets us through and even helps make us tough
I love my father so very very much, and hope he will always be there for me
I know we have never seen eye to eye, Trust me though in the next two years I will surely try
I know for sure he loves me too, I mean...of course he does wouldnít you love me too
Itís probably time for me to end this bit I just wanted everyone to know However they took this 
That I love you dad and I always will
Dani Cochran

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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