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To the Editor
This Thanksgiving Day, as we gather with family and friends to count our blessings, let's give thanks for the bounty we enjoy not just on this holiday, but every day. The safe, plentiful food that is available to us, and the products used to produce the clothing, housing, medicines, fuel and other products we use on a daily basis, didn't just appear in a store. They got there thanks to a tremendous partnership of farmers and ranchers, processors, brokers, truckers, shippers, advertisers, wholesalers and retailers.
In appreciation of this farm-city partnership, the President of the United States annually proclaims the week leading up to and including Thanksgiving Day, November 20 - 26, as National Farm-City Week. 
Rural and urban residents are "Partners in Progress" who produce the products, consume the products, and make them readily available through an efficient production and marketing chain. Farmers and ranchers are just the beginning of that chain. Farm workers, researchers, processors, shippers, truck drivers, inspectors, wholesalers, agribusinesses, marketers, advertisers, retailers and consumers all play important roles in the incredible productivity that has made our nation's food and fiber system the envy of the world.
This week, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, let's remember the vital farm-city partnerships that have done so much to improve the quality of our lives. Rural and urban communities working together have made the most of our rich agricultural resources, and have made significant contributions to our health and well-being and to the strength of our nation's economy. For this, we can give thanks.
Jeanne Arnzen
Women's Committee
Idaho County Farm Bureau

Did you know Obama approved a 2% salary increase for all federal employees effective January 1,2010.  Members of the executive, legislative and judicial branch are due for an automatic pay raise in January also.  All this on the backs of seniors who will not get any cost of living adjustment for several years.
For the first time in history, the Congress will not allow an increase in the social security cost of living adjustment.
However, the per person monthly Medicare insurance premium will be increased from the 2009 premium of $96.40 per month to $104.20 per month in 2010 and to $120.20 per month for the year 2011.
The 2009 Medicare Insurance premium cost us a total of $1,156.80 per year.  In 2010 the cost will be increased to $1,250.40 per year.  Thatís $93.60 more than we are now paying in 2009.
In 2011 the cost will be increased to a total of $1,4442.40 per year, increase $285.60 more than we are now paying 2009.
Also did you know that the executive, legislative and judicial branches only pay $503 per year for their health insurance?  This covers everything including medications.  They have medical staff on call at all times.  They have access to the best medical care in our country.  We also get to pay for this!
Shorty & Marge Arnzen

Letter of Thanks
I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of the citizens of Cottonwood and the surrounding area for their support of our students, athletes, and coaches. As we look forward to another run at a state championship in football, and the start up of our winter sports seasons we hope to continue the winning tradition. We are grateful to our dedicated fans that turn out and cheer every week.  We recognize the valuable support we have received from parents, Boosters, and fans of all ages and how this makes the greater Cottonwood area a choice place to live.  
Further, we recognize how parents have contributed in so many ways to the success of our students and how that support is critical to the success of our community.  As educators we are working hard to meet the challenges of high tech youth who need to be prepared for the changes in job markets and our expanding society. With direction from parents and concerned citizens we have set high academic goals, created new policies, and are challenging our students to be responsible for their actions and choices.   Thank you to all of the parents and community members who have contributed support and guidance in this process.  Of course there will be some who refuse to accept personal responsibility and will blame others for their predicament. I know it is entertaining to grind away in the rumor mill and pass around gossip, but this doesnít help us as a community and often distracts from what is really important.  As we face declining enrollment and shrinking budgets the important decisions relating to long term school planning need your input and support. As always I invite anyone who has questions or concerns to come and visit or call me.  I know that all of our teachers, coaches, admini-strators, and board members are also willing to talk with you if you are interested in accurate information.  We want this community to continue to be unified in making positive efforts to support the youth in being responsible, honest, successful citizens.  
For all of you who are travelling to Pocatello for the State Championship game this Saturday please drive safe and bring that Prairie Pirate spirit with you.  This is an exciting time and these coaches and athletes have worked hard to get to this game.  For those of you who cannot travel the Boosters are hosting a live broadcast of the game in the PHS cafeteria Saturday afternoon at 12:00 noon.  Thank you again and Go Pirates!
Todd Shumway, Principal
Prairie High School

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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