Community Hall work has started
Yes, there is a large hole in front of the community hall. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your opinion, this is not a swimming pool. This is the start of the new basement entrance, which will include a 7 foot-wide set of stairs and a new access lift, leading down to a patio landing into the basement.  The access lift will also allow access for large equipment and/or supplies down to or out of the basement.  The basement will now have a large door with a side window, and a 7x4 window, both for light and ventilation.  The patio landing is designed to allow in light and openness into the basement entrance.  
The Community Hall will continue to be available for rental.  Construction will be completed in phases around currently scheduled events.  Remodeling projects take time and patience.  Unexpected situations have already arisen that have put the schedule behind, like a storm drain that takes a surprising curve.  Because of that curve, new plans had to be drawn up, and things are now back on schedule.  Please be patient!
The work on the Community Hall has been inspiring to watch.  The following recent donations have been made to the project:  City Electric has donated time to put in new breakers and mast head to bring the wiring up to code.  This was a donation of close to $2000; The Chamber of Commerce, $2000; Arnzen Building Construction, $2000; Frederick Hoene, $250; Archie’s Cleaner’s an additional $150, bringing their total up to $250; Valeria Seubert, $100.  Thank you to these people as well as the many other people and businesses who have donated to this very important project.
Watch the progress we are making and please feel free to ask questions and make comments since this is your community hall!  You may also follow us online on our Facebook fan page, search for Prairie Horizons.  

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