Biggest loser challenge for 2010
Are you up for the challenge?  Our Health…Our Community would like to challenge you to look and feel your best in 2010.  The "Biggest Loser Challenge”, sponsored by Grangeville Physical Therapy, Groaners Fitness Club, University of Idaho Extension and Syringa Hospital & Clinics has all the motivation and tools you will need to succeed!
The program will run from January 9 through April 3, 2010. There will be winners in each category based on accumulated numbers of points during the three month competition.  Points will be awarded for percentage of weight lost and percentage of body fat lost.  Additional points may by earned for each educational workshop attended, fitness class participation and fitness evaluations.  There are no membership requirements and all workshops and fitness classes are included in the program.  
The challenge is open to any person aged 16 and older. The entry fee for the individual competition is $10.00.  Team fees are $25.00 and must consist of two to five members.  Each participant has the right to compete in both the individual and team challenge if they so desire for an additional $5.00 fee.  
Make feeling and looking great your New Year’s resolution! Mark your calendar Saturday, January 9th for the "Biggest Loser Challenge" kick-off event!

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