Emma Watson visits Prairie ROCKS
The first Prairie ROCKS! guest was Emma Watson and her mother, Patti Watson.  They talked with the release time students and 6 community members also in attendance, about their Make-A-Wish trip to meet Pope Benedict XVI.  The students admired Emmaís energetic, happy, easy-going manner despite the health problems she has experienced since birth.  In her 7½ years of life, she has undergone 5 open heart surgeries, at least 20 other medical procedures, and spent a cumulative total of 2 years in the hospital.
Emma said that her favorite thing about Rome was meeting the Pope.  It made her cry when she saw him.  Her second favorite thing was eating gelato (Italian ice-cream) every day.  Her favorite flavors were chocolate chip and coffee.  It was a delight to have Emma as our guest.
After Emmaís visit, the class reviewed the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, from the Pope all the way down to the laity---us, and the significant part we all play in furthering Christís Kingdom on earth.  We also discussed the importance of living with simplicity and recognizing the gifts and talents God has given us.
Please feel free to join our Prairie ROCKS! class at the High School PEACE Building at 8:20 OR 9:20 Thursday, Dec. 17 with Susan Wassmuth as our guest.  She will talk about when her young son got lost in the woods, the miracle he experienced during the time he was lost and how this experience has changed their lives.

Emma Watson, front, with the 2nd period Release Time class. From left are Monica Lustig, Ashley Cannon, Mike Karel, Kyle Uhlenkott and Leslie Nida. 

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