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Letter to the Editor
Before the founding of the United States of America man lived under a devised rule of kingships, dictatorships, military rule or a modified rule of democracy, however, usually corrupt. These forms of rule were devised by a self appointed elite who deemed themselves by some act of nature or training more fit to manage the lives of others without their consent. The birth of the United State of America changed all this. Through a foundation based in the not only the Judeo  Christian philosophy but also an understanding of the great philosopher from Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Edmund Burke and many others a form of self government was brought forth that placed the powers of control in the peoples hands and limited what the government could do.
Today we are seeing a return to a time before the creation of the United States of America. Today we see an appointed few deeming themselves deserving of this role with no regard for the founding principles of this great nation; principles which are founded in the ideal of personal responsibility and accountability. Our great experiment is slowly leading us down a road of despotism and tyranny. Allowing government to provide you with everything is also to allow government to take everything from you.
Thank You,
Jim Chmelik


Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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