Troop/Pack 638 on the Yukon!
Well not quite the Yukon, but close.  The boys took a week to prepare for the Klondike Derby that was held at Winchester State Park on January 16, 2010.  Butler Street was the place to be.  The Boy Scouts and Webelos collected materials and equipment, and prepared to embark on the Klondike Derby.  Scouts, leaders, parents, and neighbors were all encouraging the boys with any questions or things they needed.  This event is part of 100 years of Scouting, one of many to come.  During the week they built an Alaskan Style dog sled.  The sled carried all of their necessary gear.  The Scouts pull the sleds that are loaded with their personal  and patrol equipment.  The Scouts journey through the woods and fields, up and down hills and stop at different activity stations where they are tested on different Scout skills.  The Gator patrol took under their wing 4 Webelos scouts.  They followed a course to various challenges.  Their first challenge was to pass the initial inspection and then travel up the trail to their challenge stations.  At each station there was a Trail Ranger that had a task for the boys.  The Trail Ranger tests the boys on their scouting knowledge, team work, and their problem solving skills.  The boys earned gold nuggets and points at each station.
Gun safety and accuracy (boys had to hit a designated target), compass course, then shimmied across a rope, Ice Rescue, Panning for gold (split patrol into teams and tossed a gold nugget over a 10-15 ft. Rope using tarps), First aid and survival quiz, 3-D archery and a sled pull through the woods (boys goal was to hit the bear but not Mr. McGee), fire lighting skills and hung food up in a tree to keep from wild animals, and knot tying.
Over all the Scouts did very well.  There were different category’s for the judges to place the teams in.  Approximately 200 people turned out for the event and 19 teams.  Troop/Pack 638 placed 3rd with having 28 gold nuggets, they received a ribbon for their Troop flag and a Brunton compass to help with scout skills at their meetings.  Special “Thank you” to Owen Roberts and Keith Coppernoll for the use of the shop and mentoring the boys in your woodworking skills.

Chris Bradley, Dakota Wilson, Mike Karel in back and Jared Coppernoll, Hunter Chaffee, Matt Coppernoll and John Bradley in front with their sled.

Scouts using teamwork in pulling their sled. From left are Dakota Wilson, Chris Bradley, Jared Coppernoll, Mike Karel, John Bradley and Hunter Chaffee (musher). 

Jim Role of Troop 555 Grangeville. He scalawagged (challenged) the boys. They had to make a stretcher and transport Jim so many feet, then they tried this on one of their own team members. You never know when you’re going to come upon a first aid situation. Pictured are Anthony Karel, Chris Bradley, Jim Role, John Bradley (injured person), Dakota Wilson, Mike Karel, Jared Coppernoll and Hunter Chaffee. Photos by Shari Chaffee.

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