Dogs rescued from frozen pond
Cottonwood Police was notified of two dogs that had fallen through the ice and were stuck in a pond Shown is the channel broken in the sewer pond to get the dogs out.last Tuesday , Jan. 26.  Unfortunately, the pond was one of the sewer ponds located near the airport.
Upon arrival two dogs were seen about 25 feet from the bank, one of which kept dropping under the water.  It became clear help was needed so Cottonwood Fire Dept. was paged to respond to assist.  The fire fighters began to break the ice in an attempt to open it up enough for the animals to swim out.  A boat was brought out, but, prior to it's arrival the dogs made it to the shore where they were helped out by fire fighters.
It was estimated that the dogs had been in the frozen water for 45 minutes to an hour.  After they got out of the water both animals simply ran home.  The owners were notified, and stated that the dogs were very, very stinky, but appeared unscathed by the adventure.
Alls well that ends well, and the Fire Dept. recieved some ice rescue training, which they will hopefully never have to use on a human.
Please ask folks to be careful, it is very evident that while the ice looks solid, recent weather can change that very quickly, as these animals have found out.

The two owners of the dogs who were rescued from the ice in the sewer pond last week stopped by with a thank you letter for the Cottonwood Police Chief. Left to right is Caitlin Renne'-10 years old, Courtney Renne'-10 years old and their friend Sarah Ross-9 years old. 

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