Prairie ROCKS!
What a great blessing to have Karla Krogh join our Prairie ROCKS class last week.  Karla did an excellent job relating her experience of helping her husband, Jeff, recover from a serious head and neck injury.
Karla told the class that it was very difficult knowing there was absolutely nothing she could do to help as she stood by while Jeff was in a coma.  There was only one thing she could do for him - and that was to pray.  On Friday, the students discussed prayer and they were encouraged to develop a prayer life of their own.  It was stressed that it is good to pray always, not just when experiencing difficult situations.
The students recognized many virtues in Karla’s story.  They mentioned trust, faith, hope, perseverance and determination.  We also discussed the virtue of detachment as the students tried to imagine what it would be like to leave behind all of their belongings for a whole year.  After the accident, Jeff and Karla spent nearly a year in a Denver hospital. They were never able to return to their home in North Carolina.  An even more drastic detachment was practiced when Karla allowed her mother to bring their 4 month old son to Idaho while Jeff was in the hospital.
The students are very excited that our speaker for Thursday Feb 4 is Don Tacke.  Don plans to speak about the immense privilege it is to own property and to be a farmer.  He will explain the great responsibility a farmer has to take good care of the land.
This would be a great day for all farmers to join our Prairie ROCKS class to add their perspective to Don’s talk.  Everybody is welcome and encouraged to attend at 8:20 or 9:20 at the High School PEACE Building.


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