Cardiac Rehab sponsors event
According to the American Heart Association cardiovascular diseases, including strokes are the nation’s Number One killer.  While heart disease and stroke kill one in every 3.7 men, one in 2.4 women lose their lives to heart disease and stroke. Jill Anderson, Cardiac Clinical Nurse Specialist, will speak via the SMHC RP-7 robot at the February 17th Cardiac Rehab Open House at St Mary’s Hospital.  The public is invited.
“Those are sobering statistics,” said Mary Watson, RN, Coordinator, St. Mary’s Hospital Cardiac Rehab program.  “Because February is the month when people focus on hearts we’d like to capitalize on that and educate people about achieving and maintaining good cardiovascular health.  We’d also like to raise people’s awareness about the signs and symptoms of stroke and heart attack.  Time can be your worst enemy.  Quick action is important.  We’ll discuss those at the Feb 17th Open House.”
Free blood pressure checks and a Body Mass Index reading will be available. An Oxygen saturation test will be performed on any interested participants by Faunda Butler, RT, and coupons will also be available for a free lipid panel (cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL and ratios).  The coupon can be redeemed within thirty days at the SMH Labs in Cottonwood or Kamiah.  Results will be mailed to the participant’s home and given to their health care provider.  
Dr. Jeremy Ostrander, Medical Director of the SMH Cardiac Rehab Program, and Jill Anderson, APRN, MSN, CCNS, a clinical nurse specialist in cardiology at St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise are the two featured speakers at the afternoon event.  Anderson is a patient educator and will appear using SMH’s RP-7 robot.  Dr Ostrander’s talk, Cardiac Disease: A Risky Proposition, will cover risk factors for cardiac disease. Both will answer questions and address concerns of the participants.
According to Watson, the Cardiac Rehab program works with patients who’ve experienced a cardiovascular event helping them achieve their full potential for well being and a healthy outcome through a monitored exercise and education program.  
“Mary is a walking angel.  She strengthened my body and gave me courage and a new outlook on life following my heart attack.  She taught me about weight control and exercise” said Dorothy Kennedy, Stites resident and former rehab patient.  “The entire staff really cared about me and wanted to help me return to my life.  Kennedy’s husband, Vernon, is also a ‘graduate’ of the SMH program.
Other cardiac rehab staff include Shelly Lothspeich; RN, Jana Frei, RN; Faunda Butler, Respiratory Therapist; and Karla Enneking, Cardiac Rehab technician.
“On behalf of the staff I want to encourage people, whether they have cardiac issues or not, to attend our Open House from 1:00 to 3:00 in the room across from the Chapel.  I can guarantee that everyone will learn something and what they learn may make a huge difference in their life and health.  The more we know about our cardiovascular system, the better choices we make whether they be lifestyle choices or the choice when and if to come to the ER,” said Watson.  
Handouts on blood pressure, stroke, cholesterol; a nutrition guidance placemat, a pocket blood pressure tracker and a cookbook “Eating for a Healthy Heart” will be available. For more information or questions contact Mary Watson, RN, 962-3251 extension 2233.

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