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What a delight for the Prairie ROCKS students last week when Don Tacke visited our class to speak about his life as a farmer. Don Tacke was the guest speaker at Prairie ROCKS! last week. His talk focused on the responsibility he felt to keep the ground fertile and productive for future generations.  Don shared some of his wisdom with the students.  He stressed the importance of each person doing his job well, no matter what the job may be.  He believes that the best piece of advice he can give others, based on looking back over his own life experiences, is to have a positive attitude and to not spend any time griping about others.  
On the Friday after Donís visit, the class talked about the jobs they hoped to have in the future and we identified how this work could directly or indirectly impact the lives of others.  This was a very interesting conversation as we have such a variety of career interests, ranging from surgeon, to diesel mechanic, to sports commentator.  
The students were impressed that Don did not get discouraged and give up farming even though he made a lot of mistakes and learned many things the hard way. He was only 16 years old when he took over the family farm.  We noted the virtue of constancy in his farming life and in his spiritual life.
This Thursday rather than having a guest speaker,  the students will come to class prepared to share a short story where they recognize others reacting to a circumstance in a virtuous way. 
Try to join our class on Thursday, February 18 at 8:20 or 9:20 when Frank Bruno will talk about how learning to keep a promise made him a better baseball player.  Everybody is welcome.  Please call Leah Prigge if you are willing to share your story with our class.

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