102 pints donated
Brenda Kaschmitter and Cheri Holthaus, the co-chairs for the Red Cross Blood Drive are happy to announce their biggest drive yet!  February 2, 2010 must have been a great day to give blood!  Our goal is 90 units and we surpassed that number and hit 102.  “But as we all know it wouldn’t be possible without the many efforts of the whole community” said Brenda Kaschmitter.
 “The success of our blood drives depend largely upon our volunteers,” said Cheri Holthaus.  “Without them the blood drives would not be able to take place.  We would like to thank Joe Riener, Misty Johnson, Marlene Jungert, Anna Gerhing, Delores VonBargen, Donna Quick, Angie Ahlers, Arlene Baerlocher, Susan Smith, Audrey Uhlenkott and Bobbie Schmidt for everything they do which includes making the lunch for the volunteers, making phone calls, checking in donors, keeping donors organized, preparing and serving the famous maple bars and juice.  We would also like to give a special thanks to the HOSA students who help us tremendously by either setting up, tearing down or escorting the donors; Conner Rieman, Seth Guyer, Ashley Shumway, Josh Roeper, Sheri Schumacher, Demetria Riener, Brock Heath, Mike Karel and Josh Zigler.  We would also like to thank their advisor, Sheri Daly for organizing the students.
We would like to acknowledge our first time donors; Brock Heath, Sheldon Klinkefus, Seth Guyer, Arlene Baerlocher, Dustin Schaeffer, Eli Rad, Casey Bruegemann, Haleigh Schmidt, Angie Latimer, Mike Karel, and Collette Schaeffer.   Along with the first time donors there were several who received milestone pins.  Those who received 1 gallon pins were Diana Sisk, Brandi McElroy, Sheri Daly and Adam Forsmann; 3 gallon pins were presented to Roy Nuxoll and Tara Ross, Jerry Richardson received his 4 gallon pin; Matt Beckman and Sharon Schaeffer both received 5 gallon pins and Gary Blaz received a 12 gallon pin.  Also Ken Seubert and Gladys Sonnen received a t-shirt for donating 50 times.  A very special thank you to these folks for their continued dedication to donate. 
Brenda and Cheri agree that a big thank you also has to go out to all of those in the community who roll up their sleeves and donate time after time.  We are truly blessed to live in an area that supports this drive so completely; we could not accomplish this goal without you!
“We hope to see all our past donors as well as some new donors at our next blood drive which will be on May 4th,” said Kaschmitter.  “If you would like to make an appointment please feel free to contact either myself or Cheri Holthaus at 962-3251. 

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