Prairie Community Library news
Prairie Community Library is making things happen. 
We've had volunteer labor working at remodeling for the last several weeks.  Virgil Wassmuth, Ed McMillion, Robin Krol and Dylan Prigge built us a new wall to expand into the Council Chamber area thanks to the City Council agreeing to give us more space.  Terry Cochran and Dave Shears have been doing demolition on other walls for better access to the new room and to expand toward the west wall of the building. 
Judy Klapprich-Uhlenkott, Harold Schnider, Lorenzo Gonzales, Jay and Joanne Hinterlong and Library Board members Donna Wassmuth, Cindy Wilson and Laurine Nightingale assisted with moving books and shelving to access where our new entry door will be.  Coming soon is new carpeting and a new paint job.  If you visit the library during all of the renovations don't mind the mess.  Yes we are still open you just need to use the back stairs where the drop box is.  
More exciting news...we are now on Facebook.  We will try to use this media to keep patrons updated on new books, events and whatever else we come up with.  You could also use it to recommend books to carry in the library.  If enough people are interested in the same books we will do our best to provide them.  

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