Frank Bruno is Prairie ROCKS! guest
Prairie ROCKS! Students were excited last week when Frank Bruno visited our class to speak about how learning to keep a promise made him a better baseball player.
His talk began with a short story of when he was young and an uncle had “promised” to take him fishing on opening day. When his uncle did not show up to fulfill his promise, Frank was disappointed and knew that keeping promises would always be a priority for him.
Frank loved baseball from a young age and played ball up to the point of two years of semi-pro. When he was a sophomore in high school a contract was sent home with him to be signed that said he would not drink until age 21. Frank signed the contract and stayed true to his word. He said that the promise not to drink helped him to focus more on baseball. While some of his teammates stayed out past curfew and came to games or practice tired, he was able to perform to the best of his ability because he was well rested and had energy to devote to the sport he loved.
On the Friday after Frank’s visit, the class spoke about promises made and broken in their own lives and how it affected themselves and others.
Students were impressed with Frank’s dedication to keeping promises. We noted the virtues of joy and diligence, both as a baseball player and as a Catholic.
This Friday, February 26 at 8:20 and 9:20 Kevin Poole and Grace Wheeler Poole, who are with Catholic Engaged Encunter, will visit our class to talk about the sacrament of marriage.
Everybody is welcome to attend. If you are willing to share your story with our class, please call Leah Prigge.

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