Lydia Deiss receives award
Every year, Idaho Digital Learning recognizes outstanding online achievements in districts throughout Idaho. This year, the Best Practices Implementation Award for Region II went to Lydia Deiss this afternoon, counselor for Prairie Middle School and High School.
Lydia implemented the online learning curriculum into the current school program and suggested additional courses be offered to enable small town students to academically compete with larger urban schools. 
“Online learning is a critical educational building block.  Lydia’s dedication to 21st century learning will help prepare students for success in college, in their chosen career and in their life,” said Donna Hutchison, CEO of Idaho Digital Learning.
Prairie now has 34 high school students and 12 junior high students taking online courses.  That’s a 155% increase from the first year this program was offered in Prairie.  
Idaho Digital Learning’s statewide regional winners for Best Practices are:
Region I - Greg Eck, Conrad Underdahl & Frank Vieira, Lakeland High School
Region II - Lydia Deiss, Prairie Middle School and High School
Region III - Lorrie Houston, Centerpoint High School
Region IV - Twin Falls Online Learning Team, Twin Falls High school
Region V - JoAnn Wade, West Side School District
Region VI - Virginia Farley, Jefferson Alternative High School
Congratulations to all educators who help elevate elearning to new levels. 

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